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Campaigning In The Age Of Virus And How Your Efforts Will Cause You To Sink Or Swim

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, political campaigns face new challenges and the old campaign plans are now worthless -- at least in terms of tactics. Ohio delayed their primary election and other states will, too. Rumors of further isolation orders and other restrictions seemingly place voters out of reach of candidates and campaigns. But not so.

Campaign plans need to be revised or completely re-written immediately and must address voter outreach, voter motivation and voters actually voting in an environment where there are no rallies, speeches and get-togethers? How will you surmount these obstacles? What is allowed under campaign rules? What will be censored by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms?

Social media will play a huge part in sharing campaign issues, educating voters, as well as motivating and activating voters. Mechanical issues such as GOTV, how to obtain ballots and how to share information with other voters, peers, family and friends must be well thought out and started immediately. Political ads on radio, TV, social media platforms, etc., must be more than “they bad, me good.” Podcasts must be informative and personable as they educate voters, much like you would with in-person events and one-on-one opportunities. These questions and efforts must be resolved for a successful campaign.

Now is the time to start a new and different campaign based on a new campaign plan using new tactics that are affordable and effective.

Waiting will kill your campaign.

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