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Our Newest Bullies Are The Same Old Cowards

He was bigger and stronger than all of the other kids and he felt so inadequate, which filled him with hate, especially towards me. His mother and father had two kids. My parents had six kids, grandparents who were in residence, and my father’s medical office in our house, but the fact that our house was bigger than his house, enraged him. Growing up as kids, we used to have bike races around the driveway circle behind our house but we always worried when we saw the bully coming. One time the bully came to our house with a metal rod hidden in his coat. He shoved the rod into the spokes of one of my friend’s bike just to watch him crash into all of us on bikes. Our bikes were damaged and he laughed like the bully he was and then ran away before we can grab him. My sweet dog Bootsy could spot a bully a mile away. When the bully came to our house, he knew not to be there at the same time as Bootsy. He tried that once, and our sweet girl knocked him down and bared her teeth. The bully ran away, as usual. Coward.

Today, that bully and others like him, are still bullies who have been taught and coached in our schools, universities and political parties to be cowardly and hide behind masks, the internet and media, and do the same thing as adults — bully those with whom they disagree. Intimidate those who are in your way. Say whatever it takes to get what you want. Lie to justify your actions. Become indignant when you are caught.

It is time for us to stop the bullies who attack all that is good about our nation and hide behind names like Democrats, liberals, progressives, anarchists and socialists. They try to bully us from saying, “one nation under God” and ridicule and threaten us about our conservative values. We have stopped talking about politics in public, scared to set up lawn signs or place bumper stickers on our cars in fear of reprisal. We have reasons. Look at what happened to Tucker Carlson. Any wonder that the political polls can’t get it right? To some degree, the left is winning by keeping us quiet publicly (except for the conservative pundits) but they are not winning when it matters. Voting time. Just look at what is now happening behind closed locked doors in Florida and Arizona as Democrats rustle through our ballots, find more ballots in boxes and manufacture voters to steal elections. All with the media's help. The Republicans lost control of the House but that loss was half of what is normal for sitting Presidents in midterms. I believe this month's results show that Republicans and conservatives are voting and not being intimidated.

Yes, it would have been sweet to have won the House while increasing seats in the Senate. With the Senate victories, we are ensured of a justice system that for the foreseeable future will adjudicate with the Constitution as their foundation. We can block anything Pelosi brings our way and hope that she does what she does best act — act like a bully for the next two years and then vote her and the rest of her ilk out of office. We’ve had enough of bullies who feel they can intimidate us with their hate, their stupidity and their juvenile ways.

It is time for us to call them the Democratic party out for what they are, bullies who are cowards. I wish Bootsy was still here. She’d lay down with her front paws together and smile that beautiful smile as the bullies slinked away to their safe spaces. Bootsy hated bullies.

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