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Part 2: Campaigning In The Age Of Virus And How Your Efforts Will Cause You To Sink Or Swim

Due to the corona virus, we know some things are happening -- you and your voters are isolating. Dependency on social media to communicate with others in isolation is growing--exponentially. More people online can be an advantage to candidates and campaigns who want to educate, motivate and activate voters. But don’t be so random in how you communicate with them. You need a strategy and a plan. Your voters need a purpose, they need to connect and you need to communicate with them.

Identifying voters and then motivating them, go hand in hand. Have a conversation. Engage them that you still their help. Motivate them to vote. Many voters like to go to the polls. You will need to have a conversation about why absentee ballots, vote by mail and other GOTV efforts are especially important this year. This is done through social media, texting and other digital means, such as public service announcements (PSAs) and virtual town hall events. Accurate databases, targeted messages and digital know-how is the key to getting your effort “out the door” effectively. The platforms used are important. Using the traditional social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are good but coordinating with local, state and national party teams to piggyback on their social media channels should be integrated into your tactics plan.

There are more focused platforms better suited to a congressional district. For example, fundraising, podcasts, petitions and other efforts should use social media channels that are a better fit for more personalized campaigns.

Your opponent is taking advantage of the current environment. And so should you. Identifying voters and then motivating them, go hand in hand. You find a voter and then you motivate them to vote. Most primaries are being moved in various states, so how do you motivate constituents in these changing times? Digitally.

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