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The Poison of Socialism

In 1964, I was 12. My father took me to the Republican convention to hear Goldwater and so many people droned on and on and then Ronald Reagan stepped onto the stage. He spoke, and the crowd listened intently. My father sat captivated and made hand motions and clapped signaling his agreement. Reagan then dipped his brow, smiled that smile and closed his speech. The crowd in that split second was stunned and silent and my father jumped up, swung his arm and index finger around and cried, “That’s the sonsofbitch that should be running” and the crowd thunderously rose and cheered drowning out his statement.

Reagan spoke of hope, the greatness of America and our dreams. Everyone at the convention was enthusiastically receptive because they were exhausted from years of the left’s liberal message that America was a failure. They instinctively knew Reagan was right and they wanted more of his passion and optimistic message of what America could be again.

Reagan slowed the march of liberalism, but he didn’t stop it. The poison of socialism continued to grow within our colleges, institutions and government. Liberals thought Reagan was an aberration.

In 2016, I went to bed disgusted because I thought Hillary The Horrible had won. My wife, as she slipped into bed, woke me to tell me Trump had won Florida. I got back up energized remembering the media, to assist Gore, falsely reporting Al Gore had won Florida before the Panhandle had closed their polls.

An hour or so later I woke my wife to report that Trump had won Pennsylvania and Michigan. She shot out of bed like a jackrabbit on fire. And we danced when the networks woefully reported that Hillary The Horrible had lost due to the electoral college.

Donald Trump never dipped his head nor smiled in a speech during the convention or thereafter. He went to work ripping out the roots of the socialism that had infected America, including the leadership of the Republican Party. He isn’t a Republican nor a conservative, but he hates the deep state and saw their CYA mentality as a disease.

Trump, almost single-handedly, is continuing to slow down and stop socialism in America where Reagan left off. That is why the media and Washington hates him.

#defeatsocialism #maga #RonaldReagan

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